Not Alone

by easter

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A part of the 2014 Rat King Records Cassingle Series.

You should pick it up, man - ratkingrecords(dot)bigcartel(dot)com/product/easter-cassingle


released October 4, 2014

Kyle - Singing and playing
Molly - Singing
JD - Mixing
Brian Galecki - Artwork

Thanks Aaron for everything. Thanks Karlson family for letting me record drums and guitar at your house. Thanks everyone I ever met for everything ever.


tags: 1991 punk Urbana


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easter Urbana, Illinois

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Track Name: Not Alone
Am I doing it for me?
Or, reasons I can't understand or see?
And, what's the purpose
If it only makes me nervous?
And, who is that
On the floor?
Well, that's just me-
That's how I was before

It's hard to enjoy myself with so many ways to do it
But a quick look around me says, "I'm not alone."
Track Name: Distance
Oh, and from a distance, I can think of you
And know exactly what it is that I need to do
And it's awesome that that is true, because
So often it's the only way that I can get through to you

And when I call you on the phone,
I tell myself you're just not home
When there's no answer
But in my chest, I know you're there
Just waiting for those rings to die away

And when I saw you out, you stared so scary
Nearly turned the room to a cemetery
Saying, "Something has to change."

So I'll show up at your house wearing clothes that you purchased
In hopes that our problems will melt into air
And sometimes it's painful, but others it's perfect
And I know that feelings will always be there