Night With a Friend

by easter

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released June 16, 1991



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easter Urbana, Illinois

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Track Name: Night With a Friend
You couldn't stay forever in your room
As much as I may have wanted you to
And now you're out,
Pulled through the window by a thread of hope
That she might really need you too

And there was a time when I'd hear your name
And wonder what you're doing and if you're still the same
But now I don't
There is no need to worry
Because now I know that
You are just as small as me.

But after long walks and deep sighs,
You go home and realize:
Someone loves you and you wonder "Why?"
Track Name: It's You
Without a sliding closet door or leather couch to duck behind
I won’t be hiding, I won’t be seeking
Without an answer to my calls or any sign that says “It’s fine”
I’ll stay up waiting, I won’t be sleeping
The phone’s becoming impatient
The doorbell’s beginning to weep
They ask me, “What’s the use?”
It’s you.
It’s you.
Track Name: Poltergeist
I want to have a poltergeist
I want a little white ghost in my room at night to
Turn off and on and off the light

I want to wake up to scratches and bites
Track Name: I Found Out
I used to be a jerk, judgmental and mean towards
People who like to live their lives in different ways than me.
But that was wrong, so now I'm changing my scene since
I found out we're all just tiny pieces of the same big thing.


I am a part of you and we're part of everything.
Don't let fear tell you otherwise.

If you want to see yourself, just stare directly at me.